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Rapid Ratings™ provides customers with access to raw and tailored data from the FHR™ System. Some customers wish to have access to all our models' output for use in quantitative modeling and others just want selected time series of ratings data on large groups of companies for more fundamental use. In either event, Rapid Ratings™ has constructed products that tailor our data for their specific type of use and consumption patterns. Others wanting additional information on ratings rationales or projection/scenario modeling may be interested in our Research or Portfolio Analytics products.

Impact Data File™ (IDF™): The IDF™ contains detailed historical and current data for each company covering the FHR™ for each year for the 12 months ending each quarter, plus a time-series of the historical FHRs™ including the scores for the sub-components.

Matrix Reports: A more economically priced and scaled-down version of the IDF™ tailored for customers who want a subset of IDF™ data and/or packaged groupings of companies.

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